Is Curtis from Love Island Gay?

Is Curtis from Love Island Gay?

Love Island’s Curtis ‘Jay’ Pritchard has recently been branded as ‘gay’ and many theories have been circulating the internet.

Curtis Pritchard’s birth mother told OK! Magazine after his kiss with Tommy Fury said: “Curtis is comfortable enough in his sexuality to be confident in expressing himself.

“It doesn’t matter how other people perceive it.”

She continued, “Everyone questions everything. It’s sadly the way the world is evolving, but you just have to accept people as they are.”

His brother AJ also told the magazine: “It’s 2019. He can kiss Tommy on the lips. For us, it’s always about being happy.

“You don’t have to question what you’ve done as long as you’re happy in that moment.”

One viewer said Curtis Pritchard has better chemistry with Tommy Fury than with newly-branded “half-girlfriend” Amy

Earlier in the month, Curtis gave Tommy Fury a back massage to relieve back pain, Tommy said: “Curtis was giving me a massive back rub/ arse rub in the bedroom.

“My arse was a bit tight so I just asked him if he would mind massaging the glutenous area and get some knots out my back.

“He’s good at it. My back feels ten out of ten.”

The ‘Facebook’ Theory: Is he gay? 

Fans have recently uncovered a Facebook page set-up in February with his sexuality announced as ‘Interested in Men’

However, the account was later removed or deleted, it’s unclear why it was removed.

Curtis Pritchard's Facebook Page 'Interested in Men'

Now, Is Curtis from Love Island Gay?

Although unconfirmed by Curtis himself viewers are convinced he is gay and wish him to couple up with islander, Tommy Fury.

The likeliness of him being gay is slim, viewers are excited to see if he is.