Tommy and Molly-Mae’s relationship branded as ‘fake’ by viewers

Tommy and Molly-Mae's relationship branded as fake

Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague left some viewers suspicious on Monday night after she refused to return Tommy’s ‘I love you’.

The 20-year-old boxing champ went official with the blonde social media influencer during the romantic episode.

And it didn’t stop there, as later he confessed he had fallen for her.

“How long do you reckon it’ll take to fall in love? Do you think you’re already falling?,” he asked her.

With a smile, he then added: “I do genuinely feel like I love you.”

But Molly’s response left some viewers at home unsatisfied, as she failed to say it back, and instead replied: “You just gave me goosebumps when you said that”.

Clearly keen to get an ‘I love you’ from his girlfriend, Tommy went on: “Honestly, these feelings that I have now I’ve not had before, ever, and I’d do anything for you.”

To which Molly said: “Yeah, I know. I feel the same, I keep going to say it but I keep stopping myself.


The pair’s romance might not have convinced everyone, but some fans urged trolls to leave them be.

“Don’t get how people think Tommy and molly-mae are fake they’re two of the most genuine in their(sic),” a loyal supporter argued back.

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