Which Girl Love Islander Personality Are You?

Following the shock dumping of Danny and Joanna, we’ve compiled a personality quiz to find out which Love Islander you are.

But, which Love Islander are you? Lucie, Amber or Anna? – Find out by taking our personality test here:


What type of flirter are you?

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Favourite Holiday Destination?

Where are you most likely to be found while on holiday?

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Are you quite picky when it comes to love?

Favourite pair of sunglasses

Which Islander Girl Are You?
You're Anna!

Love Island 2019 which islander are you

You're a smart woman who knows what she wants. You need a man to match your intelligence, who asks you lots of questions and has good chat. For you, there's nothing worse when the person you like doesn't make the effort. You are a loyal friend to everyone and provide the best advice.
You're Amy!

Amy Love Island 2019

You're wholesome and kind, and everyone comes crying to you with every issue, from love triangles to rubbing sun cream in backs. You're the type of person to settle down early, buy a house age 25 and own three dressing gowns - a real mum of the group.
You're Lucie!

Lucie Love Island 2019

You're fun, outdoorsy and love eating two pieces of fruit at the same time - you can't get enough. You prove popular with the boys which causes you a lot of stress, because it's a hard life picking between two men. You've got your own way of saying things, like calling fit boys "bevvy", which is a slightly annoying part of your personality.
You're Maura!

Maura Love Island 2019

You wear your heart on your sleeve and aren't afraid to stir things up. You lack any kind of filter but that's because you're open and honest with everyone. When someone pisses you off, you tell them to their face. Out of all the girls in the house, you are the one people would not want to get into an argument with because you'll 100 per cent win.
You're Belle

Belle Love Island 2019

You're fun and flirty, and people take an instant liking to you. You don't take any bullshit from anyone, and are always honest with how you feel.
You're Yewande

Yewande Love Island 2019

You're the most intelligent out of your friends, knowing everything from complicated equations to chemical compounds - you'll probably be the person to cure cancer. You're introverted, and it takes a lot for you to trust or fancy someone. But you're kind-hearted and everyone loves you - you truly are the nation's sweetheart.

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